In February 2016, the New York Bar Foundation (NYBF) awarded PLS a grant to hire law students as Immigration Fellows to work at PLS in our Immigration Unit. The project will fund law students to work at PLS to provide representation to detained immigrants in removal proceedings. These fellowships will provide students with on-the-job training in analyzing the immigration consequences of criminal convictions and representing immigrants in removal proceedings. 

This fellowship will also help attract law students throughout New York State interested in pursuing immigration or public defense work and allow them to spend either the summer of their 2L year (full-time) or an entire academic year (part-time) immersed in immigration work. This experience will ensure that each participating fellow will become well-versed in this very technical and developing field of law. Thank you to the NYBF for helping PLS provide critical immigration legal services to incarcerated New Yorkers!  

To read about our first immigration fellow click: Deokhee Ryu.

To read our Press Release about this grant click: NYBF Immigration Fellow Grant Press Release.pdf

For FY 2017 - 2018, the NYBF again awarded PLS a grant to employ law students as Immigration Fellows to work in PLS' Immigration Unit. Thanks to the generosity of the NYBF, during the summer of 2017, Claudia Cadenillas and Nadia Alirahi  were able to work in PLS' Immigration Unit in Albany, New York. In December 2017, Mary Slattery, a 3L at Northeastern University School of Law, joined PLS' Immigration Unit as a NYBF Fellow.